Features of the storage stool
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1, the idea of novel, Cheap, beautiful and practical, folding storage, not occupy space, is definitely a good helper for home daily use is a storage stool, can be stored in, can sit on people, a thing more.

2, the product is beautiful, but also the decoration inside the room, very practical.

3, the general wooden box bulky and susceptible to bacterial pest erosion, this new fabric storage box is light and concise, no restrictions, can be placed in any size according to your preference objects, when not folded to fold. 4, can be used as a bench, will not scratch the floor! This product strengthens the overall structure, strengthens the three-dimensional car edge, is durable, the maximum bearing gravity can reach 100kg, is the household daily life and the gift family friend Jiapin.