Introduction to Tissue Box
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Tissue box field, provides a convenient use, and can ensure that the paper towel is not contaminated by the outside of the tissue box. The structure includes a box body with non-closed bottom surface, a base for sealing the bottom of the box body, a pick-up port is provided on the top surface of the box body and a cover for covering the paper mouth is arranged, the part edge of the cover is hinged with the top surface of the box by an elastic hinge mechanism, comprising a fixed hinge seat connected with the box body and a movable hinge seat connected with the sealing cap. , Hinge and the elastic member used to orient the movable hinge seat, the lower hinge seat and the upper hinge seat are connected by the hinge shaft and the elastic member, and the box body is provided with a locating device for fastening the sealing cover on the opposite side of the elastic hinge mechanism.