Maintenance of blankets
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1, to keep the blanket should be careful not to damp to avoid mildew, avoid exposure to stuffy heat, in case of deterioration of luster, rough feel, cast anti-insect agent to prevent worm-eaten.

2, can be weighed to avoid the appearance of closure hair and creases.

Cleaning of Blankets:

1, good quality of special detergent and neutral low alkali detergent washing, water temperature should be around 35 ℃.

2, blanket can not machine wash, in order to keep the blanket clean, reduce the number of blankets washing, can be in blankets and a blanket cover.

3, blanket in use to often dry, and gently pat, so that the sweat on the blankets, dust and skin crumbs are removed, to keep the blanket clean and dry, to prevent moth-eaten mildew. 4, before the deposit also need to dry, in the folded blanket in a few pieces of paper wrapped in mothballs, and then sealed with plastic bags, stored in a dry cupboard.