The suitable place for curtains
- Sep 20, 2018 -


Bedroom: Suitable for fabric curtain, with shading cloth and window screen.

The design is mainly simple, the smaller window can choose the finished curtain. 

Living room: The larger living room should use floor cloth curtain, can be equipped with screen, do not need shading cloth, the style can be added with drapery.

The smaller living room can be used for opaque rolling blinds, cloth blinds and day and night blinds.

Children's Room: the use of brightly colored, patterned lively fabric to do curtains or cloth blinds, can also be printed roll blinds. 

Restaurant: The restaurant is not private space, such as non-exposure, there is usually a layer of gauze.

window screens, printed roll blinds, 

Balcony: The best choice for a closed balcony is a sun shutter, light-shielding and breathable, UV-filtered, and no space to roll up.

If the balcony is connected with the bedroom, a fabric curtain is installed to suit the night sleep.

Study: The study can choose Natural, unique book fragrance of wood venetian blinds, sound-proof curtains or plain fabric rolling blinds.

Bathroom and kitchen: Should choose waterproof, anti-oil, easy to clean curtains, the general choice of aluminum blinds or printing roller blinds.

The sun blinds are the best choice.

2. For hotels and office buildings.

Office Office is a place for non-secret places, in addition to general curtains, but also can be used vertical curtains, sun roll blinds.

Hotel, office curtain is different from household curtains, it is advisable to use flower-type generous decorative cloth, such as direct provisions, net fabric, and so on, style to be concise, in order to meet the public aesthetic requirements.

Hotel lobby, bar, restaurant more choice of fan shutter or curtains with hangings, and rooms are selected warm, elegant decorative cloth, or choose ab cloth to do curtains, bedspreads, soft bags, so that guests feel at home.

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