History Of My National Textiles
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Throughout China's textile industry development process, a total of three stages: the original period, the initial stage, the blowout period, to the 2013 phase is entering a stable growth period. After years of battle, home textile industry, the competitive landscape began to change quietly, brand home textile is rising.

At this stage, with the continuous upgrading of consumer and competition in home textile industry, the textile industry is in the phase of transition from the initial stage to the development stage, that is, the biggest change of the market is the structural adjustment cycle which has entered the high-speed development. "Eleven-Five" period, my national textile industry successfully deal with the global financial crisis, appreciation of the RMB exchange rate, production costs, such as the impact of a number of adverse factors, in the "XV" on the basis of rapid development, and maintain a stable upward trend of operation. Further increased the integration of resources optimization, in the production, management, brand building and other fields have made great progress. Strengthen international standards, promote the industry's international competitiveness and comparative advantage of the larger upgrade, the basic realization of the development goals of home textile countries. Home textile Some well-known brands have Luolai, Dream clean, Islay and so on. 2011 as "Twelve-Five" the beginning of the year, my national textile industry situation is good. 2011 Home Textile industry More than 1548 enterprises to complete the total industrial output value of 209.765 billion yuan, export delivery values of 53.911 billion yuan, realize the total profit of 12.24 billion yuan, production and sales rate of 97.97%. At present, China's apparel textile consumption accounted for about 65% of the total textile consumption, household textiles consumption accounted for only 23%, and household textiles per capita consumption accounted for less than 1% of consumer spending. From domestic and foreign home textile goods consumption reality disparity and the future development trend to see, the national textile industry has the huge development space. "Twelve-Five" period, the main task of the development of home textile industry is to guide consumption, actively expand domestic demand, innovation channels, promote enterprises to do stronger and bigger; promote home textile culture, strengthen brand building, optimize industrial layout, promote gradient development, integrate resources, improve science and technology contribution rate, strengthen talent training, consolidate the foundation of power; To achieve sustainable development, improve the public service platform and create a good industrial environment.