How To Buy Home Textiles
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Common pitfalls.

Misunderstanding one: The more the number of the better, the higher the number of cloth thicker, the higher the number of the cloth more dense!

Not necessarily, the same density, the higher the number of good, the higher the density of cloth more dense, and the lower the yarn thicker, the more thick cloth; Conversely, the finer the thinner! But not the higher the number of the better.

Myth Two: 30, 40 of the cloth is very poor.

The vast majority of the market is, 30, 40, the other is 20 (cloth is very thick), 60, 80, 100, the higher the price is higher, the same density 30, 40 count the difference between the thickness of the fabric is different, 30 is thicker than the handle of 40.

Purchasing experience. 2013 the market's main product fabrics are 40 cotton, if you listen to which Merchant said that they are 60 cotton, or even 80, you have to be careful.

First you have to look at the price, 60 cotton cloth, the basic price is fifty or sixty, a four-piece set, with 9 meters less than the cloth, plus the manual fee, you calculate, the cost of five hundred or six hundred, if the monopoly is less than 800, then do not think, certainly is false.

If say is 80, that is more do not believe, because the more the number, the more delicate cloth color, and cloth will be more dense, 80 cotton cloth if washed, it is difficult to wet, because too dense.

In fact, the life of 40 has been enough, cloth feel very good.

According to the season of use, tencel four-piece set can be used in the summer, four pieces of grinding wool set can be used in winter.