Industry Prospects For Home Textiles
- Sep 20, 2018 -

In China, 10,000,000 couples are married each year, with each couple spending 2000 yuan on textiles at home, the market alone has a market capacity of 20 billion yuan. The rapid development of domestic real estate market and the improvement of residents ' housing conditions have led to the further development of the home textile industry. The development of the tourism industry, so that foreign units in supporting bedding, decorative supplies, the use of new growth needs. In addition, with the integration of global economy and China's accession to the WTO,

The demand for Chinese textiles in the international market is very strong. China's textile industry is facing domestic and international development opportunities. Therefore, domestic experts generally believe that China's textile industry in the future has a huge space for development and market capacity, home textile industry will become the main driving force of Chinese textile economic growth. According to the practice of developed countries, into the mature period, home textiles in the textile and apparel market share can reach three points in the world, Japan is up to 40%. The American home textile purchase rate is one of the highest countries in the world. American consumers buy an average of about 1 billion towels and about 550 million sheets and pillowcases each year, which means that each family buys at least 9 towels and 5 sheets and pillowcases in 110 million households in the United States. According to statistics, China's national use of textiles per capita consumption accounted for less than 1% of consumer spending. With the home industry "heavy decoration, light decoration" trend, home textiles decorative role More and more important, home textile industry has been an unprecedented "activation". With the development of Chinese enterprises ' design and technical level, the huge consumption potential of home textile market will be released. Experts expect that in the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of textile consumer market will not be less than 20%.

This can be seen throughout the textile industry market prospects are very broad. Although the home textile industry has emerged a large number of well-known enterprises, but the overall market concentration is low, regional development difference is significant, in many two or three-line cities, so far is still almost blank market, so the development of space. For the newly entered home textile investors, whether manufacturers and distributors, must do a good job of psychological preparation, home textile industry is not a short-term effect of the industry, targeted at the market, demand, targeting the region, targeting the population, the development of marketable products, as well as the establishment of long-term stable relationship with consumers, strengthen inventory management and store shopping guide system

Intensive cultivation, will certainly be satisfied with the return.