Market Overview Of Home Textile Products
- Sep 20, 2018 -

China has the world's largest consumer population, and the Chinese consumer textile products consumption concept is gradually changing the next few years, the national textile market is expected to increase the net 200 billion-300 billion yuan market. As one of the textile industry's three final product areas of home textiles, has made rapid development since 2000, the annual growth rate of more than 20%, 2002 years of national textile production value of about 300 billion yuan, 2003 rose to 363 billion yuan, 2004 data of up to 435.6 billion yuan

, according to the data released by the China Household Textiles Association, the total value of Chinese textile industry in 2006 was about 654 billion yuan, an increase of 20% compared with 2005. According to the China Textile Industry Association survey, the National Textiles market also has a huge space for development, according to the textile consumption of developed countries, clothing, household, industrial textiles accounted for 1/3, while the proportion of China is 65:23:12, and according to the standards of most developed countries, Clothing consumption and household textiles consumption expenditure should be basically flat, and as long as household textiles per capita consumption increased by 1%, China's annual demand can increase by more than 30 billion yuan.

With the improvement of people's material living standard, the modern home textile industry will have more growth. China has 600 billion textile markets, but it has not yet formed a number of truly leading brands; Similarly, this over-dispersed market situation is more prominent in the pillow market. As a result of good market prospects, enterprises swarming brand, the national textile enterprises on average only 6% of the profit.